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  • Paul Edelman

Harnessing the Power of Boardroom Conflict - An Expert Panel Discussion

Paul joined an expert panel to discuss how to transform disputes into drivers of innovation and better decisions.

The panel included:

  • Tina Greenbaum, CEO of Mastery Under Pressure

  • Randall Beard, Board Director/Advisor

  • Paul Edelman, PhD, PCC, Professional Certified Coach

  • Rodolfo Paiz, CEO of Fidelius (Moderator)

Key takeaways of the conversation:

  1. Learn strategies to navigate conflicts effectively.

  2. Understand how to minimize negative impacts of conflict.

  3. Discover how conflict can foster creativity and consensus.

  4. Identify practical insights for turning boardroom tensions into triumphs, improving governance and leadership.

A Private Directors Association Event

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