Executive Coaching

“Paul Edelman is a thoughtful and deeply insightful coach. I’ve had the privilege of working with him in two capacities.

First, I worked with Dr. Edelman as an executive coach in my role as Head of People Insights & Experience at a biotech firm. Fundamentally, working with Dr. Edelman helped me appreciate and understand the context in which I was working, which in turn led to better informed decisions regarding my work and my team. He took the time to fully understand me as person, my goals, my role, my team, and my company. That process helped deepen my understanding of my situation and what I could and couldn’t do to reach my goals. Within that context, he helped me determine what steps I could take to successfully reach my goals and to understand the potential results and implications of taking those steps. When things did not go as I had expected, he helped me understand what I could do differently in the future. Importantly, he encouraged me to think through and take on complex dynamics I may have otherwise avoided. I appreciate that his approach to coaching is grounded in his own clear framework – something that I have learned to apply to my goals outside of our discussions. Second, I am currently working with Dr. Edelman during my search for a new role. Given his extensive experience working on the other side of the hiring process as an executive recruiter, he has been invaluable in helping me identify my goals and shape my resume to reflect them. As mentioned above, he took the time to deeply understand my experience and what I want to convey so that he can help me best represent myself and stand out from the crowd. I am confident that working with Dr. Edelman, I will find a great role.” Katie Hansen, PhD, Product Researcher at Instagram

Team Development

“As Global Head of Talent Analytics for a Fortune 100 company, I regularly get calls from senior HR leaders, executive search consultants, and peers looking to build Talent Analytics teams.

Based on my experience, I recommend calling Paul. Two things differentiate Paul from any other consultant serving the People Analytics community. One is his deep technical knowledge and understanding of our field. Second is his skill in building trusting and helpful relationships. Many of the top Talent Analytics leaders know and respect Paul, and are happy to take his calls. He is generous in sharing his insight, and he has been helpful to our community on many occasions.” Arun Chidambaram, Global Head of Talent Analytics at Pfizer

Team Creativity Workshop

“As part of Amazing Community’s conference on “Designing for Inclusion,” (inclusionbydesign.org) Paul worked with Fanny Krivoy and me to develop an interactive session where participants could work in teams to identify practical steps to meet four challenges:

1) Reducing attrition and improving hiring of members of diverse groups 2) Creating more inclusive product designs 3) Designing more accessible work spaces 4) Equipping older women with skills needed to succeed in today’s workplaces Paul suggested an approach modeled on the “Engineering Team Creativity” workshop he and Dr. Richard Kremsdorf developed for MIT’s Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program (UPOP). Together, we designed a process that Fanny and Paul facilitated on the final afternoon of the conference. Each team tackled one of the four challenges. The process generated lots of energy, enthusiasm, and creativity. Participants left feeling excited about implementing the ideas they developed. What’s more, they appreciated the way the process itself was inclusive. It served as a great example of the value of diversity when teaming up to identify and solve important problems.” Stela Lupushor, Founder and Board Chair, Amazing Community

Career Coaching

“Paul's strength is in his understanding of the needs of top talent.

I met Paul when I was a career counselor for PhDs at Harvard, where we often asked to Paul to speak to students about searching for jobs in the private sector. As a Harvard PhD himself, Paul was able to relate to their experiences and understand the types of positions for which they were well suited.”  Sharon Belden Castonguay, EdD, Director, Gordon Career Center, Wesleyan University